Our Investment Process

Active Equity

To deliver on our objective of maximizing return per unit of risk, we don’t rely on just a single source of insight; rather, we have built a three-part equity investment process that extracts value from the combination of three investment disciplines:




pdfMarket Plus Performance – GIPS Presentation




pdfCore Value Performance – GIPS Presentation




pdfOptimized SMID Cap Core Performance – GIPS Presentation


Passive Equity

We manage passive or index mandates to ensure that the clients’ objective of gaining broad-based index exposure in a cost effective way are met at the initiation of the portfolio and throughout the investment process.

Fixed Income

Piedmont’s Yield Advantage strategies are grounded in the belief that yield is the most reliable tool for generating alpha and optimizing return per unit of risk. The goal of  our philosophy is to deliver long-term results that maximize the contribution of yield to total return, while preserving capital. Typically, this yield advantage is derived through credit, optionality, and other spread products, but can be attained through duration based on the stage of the business cycle.

We also believe that the best way to maximize yield’s return contribution is with an investment process that has multiple levers for success. Consistent with this view, the Yield Advantage process works to extract alpha contributions from three areas: Quantitative idea generation, fundamental credit research, and macro insights. The use of multiple alpha sources diversifies our performance and increases its reliability.



pdfYield Advantage Strategies Performance – GIPS Presentation



Piedmont Product Performance

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