About Us

Piedmont Investment Advisors, LLC is an institutional money management firm specializing in equity and fixed income management with approximately $6.4 billion in assets under management (as of March 31, 2017). Established in August 2000 and based in Durham, North Carolina, our firm is a minority business enterprise and 100% employee owned. Our “shared effort, shared reward” approach attracts and helps retain a group of entrepreneurial spirits. Their hard work and a commitment to client service has made Piedmont the success it is today.

We chose the name Piedmont as a reference to our position on the investment landscape as well as to reflect our geographic location. We envision an investment landscape that parallels that of the southeastern U.S., with the high peaks and low valleys of undiversified style portfolios representing the mountains and the overly diversified portfolios of closet indexers representing the coastal plain. In this investment landscape, the Piedmont represents the desirable middle ground of gently rolling hills of reasonable returns and softly shaded valleys of acceptable risks. It is neither too hot nor too cold. The terrain does not rise too high or fall too low. It is the region we have chosen to reside in because we believe that it offers the best of both worlds.

At Piedmont, our clients come first. We believe that our success is dependent on investing ourselves in establishing lasting client relationships. We work to build trust by offering investment products that strike an appropriate balance between risk and return and aim to generate attractive results consistently. Our investment philosophy combines multiple disciplines that seeks to outperform client benchmarks on a risk-managed basis. We don’t rely on just a single source of insights, but rather, our process extracts value from the combination of three investment disciplines: quant, fundamental, and macro. Accordingly, Piedmont employs a collaborative investment process, based on our unified investment platform, where all investment professionals come together in multiple forums to develop a firm-wide macro strategy and to discuss quantitative and fundamental research insights that can be applied across all products.

Our history